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We tell you the best way to buy carpet underlay, how to buy cheap carpet underlay and get value for money carpet underlay, whatever carpet underlay you decide to buy.


Buy carpet underlay according to your needs. It is not necessary to buy the most luxurious carpet underlay if you only go into the room for storage or as a spare bedroom that gets used once a year. Don't worry if your underlay is not guarenteed for more than, say, 15 years or so, in many cases you will need to change your carpet before you need to change the underlay.


Check the clearance under doors, too thick an underlay can mean you need to adjust the size of your door. Check all the prices carefully, some online retailers do not add VAT until the end and postage and packing must be factored in. Check with your carpet fitter if they can buy the carpet underlay for you, they may have a special relationship with a warehouse, or manufacturer, or can do the buying for you.


Don't use a thick, soft carpet underlay if the floor is for wheelchair users, it will be hard to

travel over. Think about your neighbours if sound insulation is an issue, and choose an acoustic carpet underlay. If you can hear them, they can hear you! Don't expect the delivery guys to bring the underlay into your home, if you are buying online, they usually only deliver to the front door. Luckily, carpet underlay is considerably lighter than carpet, but for some people it may still be too heavy so be sure to check. If you look at the information about the carpet underlay of your choice online, the weight of the roll or how much it weighs per squre metre is often mentioned, so take not of this.


See if you can book your delivery to suit you. It may cost a bit more for a Saturday or evening delivery, but even with this, it is can be still cheaper than the larger carpet retailers.

Take the advice of your carpet fitter. Make sure your order the right carpet underlay, as you will be expected to pay postage to return it. Some unscrupulous dealers will also expect a "handling charge" to return it!