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Carpet underlay types

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There are many carpet underlay types, including  foam, rubber & acoustic, these are only some of the carpet underlay types you will find online, get the right carpet underlay types for your different home areas, in fact, carpet underlay types you may need will vary according to your floor covering. There are different levels of thickness and weight. Types of underlay you use may vary within your house, according to budget and what you use the room for. Of the many types of underlay, the large carpet retailers generally favour the rubber waffle type.

Carpet underlay comes in different types and prices.

Carpet underlay is usually sold as part of a package by the large carpet retailers. There is a restricted range of carpet  underlay types. Here, you usually buy the carpet, underlay, the fitting, delivery and additional things like carpet gripper from one shop. Underlay is the material between the floor, which in the UK tends to be either wood flooring or concrete, and your carpets. Some carpets have a thin layer of foam on their backing, and can be fixed without underlay, but these tend to be for offices or places with concrete floors or where floors are fairly flat and stable. Some more expensive types of underlay may be very luxurious, and have perhaps a 25  year guarantee, but most of us may change the carpet within that time anyway, and it is preferable to then buy a new underlay at that time.

Rubber carpet underlay

The large carpet retailers usually sell one type of underlay, a rubber waffle type, in different qualities, to suit all pockets. They are variable in price. However, you can buy the same carpet underlay online for a lot less money. Rubber crumb is another type of rubber car;pet underlay.

PU Foam carpet underlay

These are much liked by carpet fitters, being reletively light to move about, easy to cut

and fit and can give a real quality feel to your carpet. Often the price is cheap, and this

is because it is usually made from recycled materials, so this has cost savings at the manufacture stage.

Wool Felt underlay

This is widely used, but more popular for commercial uses, like bars and restaurants. It is environmentally friendly as it is usually made from recycled fibrs, and has good acoustic properties. This type of underlay does not crumble over time, and usually outlives the carpet.

Combination underlay

As its name suggests, this carpet underlay uses layers made up from the types above, but usually felt above and crumb rubber below.