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Foam carpet underlay

foam carpet underlay rolled up

Foam carpet underlay comes in thicknesses measured in millimetres, with the more luxurious foam carpet underlay being 11mm, foam carpet underlay is much favoured by carpet fitters. Cloud 9 from Duralay and Tredaire's Dreamwalk are the top of the ranges of the foam carpet underlay. However, buy the underlay that is right for your home. Foam carpet underlay is measured in millimetres, the most popular are 7mm, 9mm, 10mm and 11mm.

Don't be put off by the low prices online!

This is the type of underlay that many carpet fitters would recommend. It is really easy to lay, fairly light to move as a roll, and is made up of a layer of compacted foam substances. It can be made of recycled materials, making it seem cheap, and this also makes them environmentally friendly. It has some acoustic properties, in fact, acoustic underlay often has this at its core. To buy foam carpet underlay online ensure that you buy the rolls, rather than by the square metre, it will be considerably cheaper. Full rolls are usually around 15 square metres, and you can buy half rolls too. Some of the larger carpet retailers do stock it, so ask them.

Very cheap in relation to its effectiveness. 

Different suppliers and brands can be easily compared according to thickness. As  you can imagine, for one retailer, a useful rule of thumb is that the price increases the thicker and more luxurious the carpet underlay you get.

 The large manufactures include Tredaire and Duralay.

Hwever, many online retailers have

their own brand names. Brio, Softwalk, Zest and Dreamwalk in increasing thickness are Treadaire's brand names, Nimbus (7mm thick),  Cirrus (9mm) and Cumulus (11mm) are Duralay's Cloud 9 series. You can can get similar from the online retailer under their own brand names, just look at the thickness to get a reasonable comparison.


Most of these types of underlay are guaranteed for the life of the carpet, in fact, if you take your carpet up after years of use the underlay will probably look as good as the day you laid it! Surprisingly, these don't much over time.