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Rubber underlay

rubber carpet underlay on wood flooring

Rubber carpet underlay is cheap, but you can buy rubber carpet underlay online and save lots with discounted rubber carpet underlay brands, rubber carpet underlay can be bought in rolls or by the metre. The large carpet retailers encourage you to buy thier underlay when you buy a carpet, but  you can save often hundreds of pounds if you can shop around for rubber underlay online. It is cheaper by the roll. The ones the high street carpet retailers usually try to sell you is rubber waffle, because of its profile. It is laid with the rubber side down, and the papery side up.


Most of this underlay sold by the high street retailer can be bought, under different trade

names online, for much cheaper. Duralay, one of the main carpet underlay manufactures make a range going from the very cheap to highly luxurious. Rubber underlay can be compared by its weight per square metre. It is also measured in thickness, as well as tog rating and sound impact reduction.


Don't feel you need to buy the underlay from the carpet retailer. Remember, it is your money! When you buy this it is bought in square metres, and it is usually compared by its weight, so the heavier the more luxurious. You can by this by the roll, but these can be heavy to move. Rubber carpet underlay is still very popular.


There are actually different types of rubber carpet underlay. Crumb rubber underlays are flat and are good for a firmer feel,such as on stairs, or for heavy domestic or contract and commercial use. Brand names like Duralay's Treadmore or Durafit are popular. You can also buy it for rooms that have underfloor heating. A popular one is Duralay's Heatflow.


The cheapest rubber waffle type underlays can be bought for less than a pound a square metre. Compare this to the larger carpet retailers which have their cheapest underlays at around £2.99 a square metre. The very cheap ones are fine if you don't have regular use of the room, or if you want something under a cheap carpet you are buying for a spare bedroom, however, they can tend to crumble, and disintegrate over time.