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We tell you about the different types of underlay, including which carpet underlay is best for your home. Rubber, foam underlay and acoustic carpet underlay offers different levels of sound proofing and heat retention. Carpet underlay can prolong the life of your carpet. Carpet underlay comes in different types and prices. We provide carpet underlay information so you can make the right buying decision to find the cheapest and most cost-effective underlay for your home.


Why use carpet underlay? It is easy to think you don't need it, especially if the carpet looks like it is thick enough. However, carpet underlay extends the life of your carpet, makes the floor better to walk on, can stop drafts, can help with sound / acoustic insulation and also save on your heating bills. It can even smooth out small imperfections in the sub-floor.


Which is the best carpet underlay? A great question, as it can be confusing when you go to a carpet shop and are given lots of choices. Most makes from retailers are the rubber carpet underlay, but most carpet fitters will prefer the foam carpet underlay, which you can buy online, for much cheaper. The most obvious choice is between foam underlay and rubber underlay. However, many people like the added benefits of of acoustic carpet underlay. However, the better quality carpet underlay will have acoustic properties. The question is not which is the best, but what is the best carpet underlay for your home, and even for each room in your home.


Acoustic carpet underlay. Use acoustic carpet underlay if you need to deaden the sound

in your room or rooms. This can absorb some of the noise within a room.


Foam carpet underlay (PU foam). Most carpet underlay is made from one or two manufacturers, and have competing brand names. All the major manufacturers make foam carpet underlay, and many are similar in type, but have different trade names. The luxury brands are Duralay Cloud 9 (11mm) or Tredaire Dreamwalk Seventh Heaven.


Rubber carpet underlay.  Most favoured by the larger carpet retailers. However, this can be bought online a lot cheaper.